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Content Management System (CMS)  

Delphi offers a robust content management system ideal for businesses of all sizes. Our CMS management tool allows the customer to customize any content on their website using a dynamic WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. If you can use office programs to format a document, like changing font colors, sizes, bold or italics, you can update your website with our CMS solution, no HTML coding needed!
Your CMS solution will be customized to fit your website's needs. Below is a list of some of the functionality available to you for easily updating your website.

All free text areas in our CMS feature a powerful WYSIWYG editor

  • We utilize the versatile WYSIWYG editor from The editor is supported by all major browsers, even Macintosh users can use it.
  • Upload images, PDFs, flash, and video directly into your pages in a few easy clicks.
  • Format your content fast and easy, like using your favorite document editor.
  • Predefined templates help you quickly put together a new page without having to recreate a layout each time.
  • Spell checker, tables, forms, and more.

Website Content Editor

Updating your site's pages is easy using the WYSIWYG editor. Each page also has it's own title, and meta keywords and description for you to manage your own keywords for search engine optimization.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

  • Specify a title, meta keywords and description for each individual page.
  • Easily implement SEO friendly CSS techniques.
  • Search engine friendly urls, does not use query strings, i.e. page.aspx?content=about, instead about.html.
  • Integrated with Google Web Master, Live Webmaster Center and Yahoo Site Explorer.
  • Integrated with Google Analytics, monitor and analyze your web traffic.

Additional Page Editor Options

  • Manage your site's navigation and links.
  • Minimize data entry and use the same content in different sections of your site.
  • Create collection forms to be sent to your email account.

Additional Content

  • News Articles. Easily add and manage news articles on your website. Keep your website up to date with your company's latest news. Optional RSS feeds for publishing your articles to other sites.
  • Events. If your company hosts events, our events management is for you! It allows you to create events, specify maximum number of registrants and allow secure online registration including payments with credit cards.
  • Catalog. Display your products on your website, showcase products on your home page and offer your customers a complete list of everything you sell.
  • Anything else you can think of!


Our pricing is unique for each customer. Your price will be determined upon the complexity of the site. Some basic websites using our hosted CMS tool cost under $2,000.00. If you are interested in a new website using CMS or if you have an existing website you want to move to a CMS system, contact us for a free quote.

Customer Profile: Trinity Evangelical Church

Trinity Evangelical Church needed a low cost solution to easily update their website with announcements, ministry updates, and service changes. No one on staff was technical enough to write HTML and at times waiting on volunteers wasn't an option. Based on Delphi's CMS tool, and with some additional options added, like banner image management, Trinity can now easily update their website in under 5 minutes, without having to know HTML. The church secretary updates the website weekly with announcements, as if she was editing a document on her computer.